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Company Background

Our company are involve in substantial research into the industry. As well as complete understanding of consumer needs in different dairy products. We are building a strong foundation in different market and niche to maintain our company growth to ensure our company are able to cope up with future market changes in the dairy industry.
farmbite.plus are able to sell its products at a set competitive price to increase our total market share. Using status quo pricing model we are able to prevent a price war between different dairy farms by providing a quantity discounts for our retail customers.

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Invest in profitable Dairy Industry

Our Investment Products

We offer 2 profitable investment plans that pays stable returns on your investments. You can start your profitable journey with us for as low as $5 USD

  • Plan 1
  • Plan 2

9 %
Daily for 90 Days

Payment Days: From Monday to Sunday
Total Return: 630% Total Return (530% Net)
Min - Max Withdrawal: USD 0.10 ($2 for Crypto) - No Limit
Min - Max Deposit: USD 5 - 2500

11 %
Daily for 90 Days

Payment Days: From Monday to Sunday
Total Return: 990% Total Return (890% Net)
Min - Max Withdrawal: USD 0.10 ($2 for Crypto) - No Limit
Min - Max Deposit: USD 2500 - No limit

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Our Mission

We provide advanced technology solutions and knowledge to provide the most profitable way for high-quality industrial agricultural production.

Global Operation

We aim to expand our industrial agricultural operations in 24 countries on 5 continents. We set standards in industrial agriculture management throughout the world.


By using our fully automated and intensive industrial agriculture management, we can gather information and analyze about each of our industrial plants, provide real-time information to our farmers to increase their productivity.

Unlimited Income Opportunities

Affiliate program

Our affiliate program are designed to help people create additional income stream on top of their investments.

3 Level Referral Program

Joining our affiliate program is 100% free and you don't need to have an active investment to earn with our referral program.


Level 1


Level 2


Level 3

Leadership Bonus

Get additional $50 leadership bonus for every $1,500 worth of fresh investment of your 1st level referrals.

Representative Program

Represent our company in your local region and enjoy great company incentives and benefits.


Company Core Values


Our Company upholds the standards of integrity in all our company actions.

Honest Communication

We develop strong communication skills that will make a positive outcome for our clients

Commitment to Clients

Our company provides the best products and services that, together, deliver greater value to our investors.

Quality & Reliability

We uphold the basic principle. What we do, we do well

Continuous Development

We are developing a strong technical team to win the heart of our community and in every aspect of our company.

Team Oriented

Our team are working together, across all boundaries, to meet the needs of our clients and to help our Company succeed.

News & Updates

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June 15, 2019

Company Updates #3

Its been 9 days since we successfully launch our company online investment arm

By farmbite Team
June 12, 2019

Company Updates #2

farmbite.plus Officially launch its online investment arm last June 6, 2019

By farmbite Team
June 8, 2019

MNO Premium Listing

We successfully paid for premium listing in one of the top HYIP monitors in the market today.

By farmbite Team

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